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Squirrel Interrupts Conference Call || ViralHog

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Background…Over the years James has been terrorized by squirrels, this particular squirrel got into the chimney in his home office the night before this video was taken; chewing windows, built-ins’ and defecating everywhere. After returning home to the destruction from being out of town, #SquirrelGuy called 911 for animal control who absolutely assured him with 100% confidence the chimney flue was open and that’s how the squirrel was able to get in but somehow was able to get back up and out. James was confident the flue had been closed but resigned to accepting the damage because the flue was open since animal control believed a squirrel would not have been able to lift a quarter-inch think chimney plate. Turns out, the squirrel could get through the flue and the video evidence exists to prove it. The squirrel likely never left the chimney and worked back through the following day in the middle of a Teams conference call meeting. The squirrel was not on the Costco innovation agenda for the town hall but quickly took over the narrative leaving those on the call to fear the worst.