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My weird Ida observation(s):

  1. A week prior to Ida, the weather in Brooklyn was wonderful. It was around 75, sunny with a nice breeze. A few days before the storm the weather turned tropical. High humidity and closer to 90. After the storm left, the temperature went back down to 75 and lower.
  2. Before the storm hit i smelled sulfur. A few minutes later I smelled ocean water. PARTIALLY SOLVED
  3. All of the water that flooded my house came into my house from the sewer through the trap. The last time that happened was almost a year ago when Brooklyn kept having flash torrential rains that only lasted a minute or two. One night there was a five minute downpour and it flooded all the houses on my block – both sides of the street. Prior to that it had never happened before. The city worked on the sewer line almost 3 months and everyone assumed it was fixed. There hadn’t been anymore torrential rains until the night before Ida but it was only for a few minutes. The night of the storm the water poured into my house for almost an hour and a half. SOLVED
  4. It was still pouring rain outside but the water receded from the trap and the street by itself like something was opened. SOLVED
  5. The news kept talking about tornadoes like that’s suddenly a thing in Brooklyn.
  6. No one explained to us how the hurricane traveled so far over land, so far north and made a right turn to get to Brooklyn and dropped more water than anyone can ever remember.
  7. Our mayor is useless.


#3: This thing with the water coming from under my house has been bothering me because its a new thing. A little searching found me a very informative article about City Sewer Sewer Surcharge.

#2: I don’t know about the ocean water smell but the sulfur smell could be a result of #3 also, being caused by sewer gas.

#4: Again, looks like its solved by #3.

#3 continued: I spoke to some more neighbors. Some have lived here going on 50 years and agree that this water issue IS a new thing. The city coming to fix the sewer line for months was brought on supposedly by someone from our neighborhood calling 311 to say they had gotten water in their basement, but at that time it wasn’t everyone’s basement, it was just the one person. It was after that that the 5 minute downpour came and flooded everyone’s basements.