He's laughing AT you, not WITH you!

After posting Net Neutrality 3.0 yesterday, I wake up to this stupid headline!
Lieberman: China Can Shut Down The Internet, Why Can’t We?
Attempting to reassure CNN viewers that the government isn’t trying to shut down free speech on web, Senator only stokes more alarm by citing country that censors all online dissent.
Senator Joe Lieberman, co-author of a bill that would give President Obama a ‘kill switch’ to shut down parts of the Internet, attempted to reassure CNN viewers yesterday that concerns about the government regulating free speech on the web were overblown, but he only stoked more alarm by citing China, a country that censors all online dissent against the state, as the model to which American should compare itself.
Read full story HERE.
Read CyberBill S.3480 HERE

And in case you think this is some kind of joke, here it is straight from the horses ass mouth, see for yourself.

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