So yesterday I was walking around my apartment, kinda listening, sorta watching NBC 4-2 because its usually less annoying than NBC 4-1. There were two hosts/reporters commenting on some of the latest news stories. One story was “Pet Alert: Fido’s Microchip May Not Work as Planned” by Ida Siegel. I stopped to listen to the story because it seemed a little odd.
Apparently dogs are being lost and then found and scanned for chips but the chips in the dogs have old information on them or no information at all because the owners didn’t register or update the information. I thought it was strange that someone who would go through the trouble of having their pet chipped, wouldn’t bother to ever register the chip. It took me about a minute before the conspiracy fairy whispered in my ear… maybe they’re chipping ALL the dogs, whether the owner requests it or not. Could that be possible?

While I’m processing the information, the hosts/reporters start riffing about the irresponsibility of the owners, and how much animal lovers love their pets, and I’m like, yeah yeah yeah and then one of the hosts/reporters, named Lynn Berry suggests… conspiracy drum roll please …why don’t we chip ALL the children… not the animal children, but people children, your children.
WTF? Huh?
I remember back in my Chicago days, when this chipping dog thing first came up and I think they were suggesting making chipping pets mandatory or something. So my friend, who had a dog, said, “Do they think we’re that stupid? They want to test it so that they can chip children.” I thought it was funny, while hoping it wasn’t true. But now, years later, I realize that I was just in denial. And as an African man I once yelled at said to me… “HOW’S THAT WORKING FOR YOU???!!!”
It’s not, but I was thinking I could still hold on to plausible deniability until I started seeing this crap!
H1N1 Vaccine Laced With RFID Chips?

Populations Prepped for Nano-Chips Inside Vaccine?
And you wonder why people want to be numb and live vicariously through their favorite sports team.