I was watching an episode of ReGenesis ( S02E05) called Massive Change. During the episode a wonderful song came on called “Misguided” by a group I had never heard of called Hush Hush from their album Fake. The episode was good but I couldn’t get the song out of my head and immediately went on a search to find the haunting song. AdTunes was a letdown but pressing a link here and a link there led me to a website where they have podcasts of the music from the TV series.  So I’d like to give a shout out to the guys over at ReGenesis : Remixed.
ReGenesis : ReMixed explores the music of ReGenesis. Hosted by music supervisor Andrea Higgins, ReGenesis : ReMixed focuses on the artists, the songs and the underscore heard on the show, and features exclusive interviews with some of the people involved in putting ReGenesis together.
After finding out the title/artist of the song I was looking for I headed straight for ITunes and again was disappointed. They didn’t have any song by the group. So I hit the next spot on my list – Amazon.com and they did not disappoint me but now I was stuck. I REALLY liked the song but what if the rest of the album sucked?
Well one great think about Amazon.com is that you can sample music from the album and I did and took a chance and was pleasantly surprised how GREAT the album was. After I played Misguided about 20 times I let the CD continue to play and discovered that I loved the title song Fake, Razor Girl and You’re Not My Man too.
Most of the songs on the album (at least the ones I like) are kinda dark and moody. The lead singer has a wonderful smokey, angelic voice and the band is pretty impressive too. I love the droning guitar on Misguided and what sounds to me like a violin. I love good music. I love to discover good music. And I would highly recommend this entire album
You can hear the song Misguided on the podcast from the above mentioned ReGenesis :  Remixed Episode 5 Massive Changes. The podcast also includes the song Could It Be Real by Soma Sonic.

Search on Amazon.
If Amazon is out of stock try MapleMusic.com.

BTW, I have to say that Peter Outerbridge is a cutipantz. His character on ReGenesis, David Sandstrom, is an arrogant, self-centered, genius, slutty-assed whore but in a hot Captain Kirk kinda way. Oh and the show is good too.