OK. So I’m walking home from the bus stop. It’s kinda breezy here in Chicagoland. I’m staring at the clouds ever since I saw that documentary about controlling the weather. I want to see if the clouds are real or man made. They seem real and the breeze seems real.
I’m listening to Janet Jackson Remixed in my IPod. I’ve been listening to it for days now. A van drives by me and turns around in the cul-de-sac and parks. I can’t half see but I think I see the guy in the van motioning to me. I ignore him but look at the imprint on the van. It says Comcast! I look at the guy again and he waves. I roll my eyes, suck my teeth and say to myself… Comcast! HUH! I thought the last time someone from that company came to my house to re-sell me the cable I cancelled – I mentioned something about it would be a cold day in HELL!!!!
Well Comcast… It’s not THAT cold!
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