Last night Ashford & Simpson the Jonas Brothers were on David Letterman. During the first break Paul and the band are singing an Ashford & Simpson song. It sounds really good and I’m thinking, man, wouldn’t it be great if they had Ashford & Simpson on the show? When they come back from the break Paul announces that it IS Ashford & Simpson singing and they will be singing with the band for the whole show and while some people cheer – its obvious that more people are there to see the Jonas Brothers.

The Jonas Brothers come out to screams and sit and talk and I can’t even pretend to care. The best part of the interview is when one of them is talking about going through ups and downs and Dave has to remind him that he’s 16 years old and that he hasn’t had any ups and downs.

Lucky for me they didn’t perform. They were there to promote their movie. I cleaned up until they went away. Then some guy named Mad Dog Russo comes out and he’s all animated and gives a shout out to Ashford & Simpson which was really kool. I’m not mad at Dave. He has an entertainment show. I’m not even mad at the Jonas Brothers. I’m thinking they’re my Jackson Five. I guess I’m just kinda mad that now that Obama is President “everything’s equal”, Ashford & Simpson didn’t get to sit on Dave’s couch for two segments and tell me about THEIR career ups and downs like they did on Tavis Smiley a couple weeks ago.

Oh well, no one ever said “equal” was fair.