Wonder why I’ve been posting so much lately? It’s not because I have more time on my hands. It’s because I’m anticipating a time when this freedom to post whatever I want will go away. As the InfoWar marches on and even strikes back, the powers that be are going all out with burning what’s left of our constitution to the ground in the name of “National Security”.
There’s a story from the AP that, Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano believes that the government should control our Broadband/TV/Telephone, so that they can better protect us from Alex Jones, Lindsey Williams, David Icke, and other inforwarriors “Home Grown Terrorists”.
That almost doesn’t sound like a bad idea, if you’d no longer have to pay the likes of Comcast (I’m JOKING!), but I’m sure that they’d find some way for us to continue to pay exorbitant cable fees, in addition to some Homeland Security Internet Tax.
Please go here and read this spooky article and pass along to your friends and blog about it if you have one.
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