I’ve been watching this great documentary called The Fall of America and The Western World. It’s a 8 hours+ (9 DVD set), packed with tons of information about the mess that American’s currently find themselves in, how we got there, who’s to blame, and how we get ourselves out of it.
The documentary features a who’s who list of patriots like Joseph Farah, Naomi Wolf, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Professor Mark Crispin Miller, Alex Jones, Doug Casey, David Icke, Mickey Z, David McAlvany, Doug McIntyre, G. Edward Griffin and Ken Klein.
The documentary also features of 150 “Action Points” designed to get you thinking, researching, and talking about the difficult times that lie ahead. From researching something on the internet to emailing your friends and family about particular subject like “The Patriot Act” to reading a passage from a book and then discussing it, the filmmakers have not only created a great movie, they also have created a way for you to get smart, get involved, and get active.
GO HERE to see how I am progressing on my “Action Points” assignment. I have decided to create a page of my answers, with links, when applicable. Since there are 9 discs, this might take me a while, so check back often as I update my progress. And if you can, please visit PrisonPlanet.com or TheFallofAmerica.net and buy the set of DVDs for yourself.