It’s the anniversary of Woodstock, the same week the world loses Les Paul. Channel Thirteen is playing Jimi Hendrix Experience: American Landing. I was lucky enough to turn to it ad Jimi started to play those very familiar cords to Hey Joe. As I watch him play his guitar effortlessly, left-handed, upside down, with his teeth and behind his back, I realized two things:
That you may be able to kill people, crush spirits and destroy lives, but in the end, unless you silence every person, burn every book, break every piece of vinyl or destroy every piece of tape, the people documented in them or recorded on them are immortal.
When Jimi Hendrix picks up a guitar, everyone else (Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Slash, Pete Townsend, Prince,  Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Ritchie Blackmore) is just faking.
The King is dead. Long live the King.