Lindsey Williams was on the Alex Jones show twice in the last two weeks with such explosive news on the BP Oil spill that Alex had to go into overdrive both times.
I will try to get a transcript of this show to post or a link to the audio stream, because even if 1/10 of what was said is true, we’re so screwed, that it’s not funny.
The interesting thing is that Lindsey is saying it was an accident waiting to happen that the elite are just capitalizing on, while Alex Jones is just calling it a straight up False Flag. Me, I think they’re both right.
Lindsey did a CD to explain all in detail. 888-799-6111 or
Steve Watson, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones compiled their proof in an article on
So get your reading glasses on, pay your damn internet bill, get out your iPad or turn on your Kindle. Do what you have to do, but stop listening to those lies on TV news. Above and below are links to the BP info you’re not hearing.
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