Coca-Cola announced recently, that for the past five years, they have been working on something called Freestyle, a super-sleek, touch-screen soda fountain that lets users create up to 104 different flavors of soda. This high-tech beverage machine shoots out a wide range of traditional sodas, flavored waters, and energy drinks in every conceivable combination, more than half of which are low and/or no calorie. According to the companies senior communications manager, Helen Tarleton, “Consumers are telling us they want choice.”
It’s pretty ironic that the technology used to create the Freestyle was originally developed for dialysis and cancer treatments. And in case you were thinking there wasn’t enough profiling going on in this NWO, the Freestyle has the ability to send Coke specifics on what you are creating and how much you are spending in real time. I’m sure if you wait a little while, it will be able to read your RFID implant and just have your drink ready when you get there.
How much will this all cost you ask? Well besides your life, this new technology, that serves you poison, stores your data, doesn’t require bottling, packaging or delivery, will cost about 10 cents more than current Coca-Cola products because someone has to pay for all those added flavors.
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