After listening to “My Name is Prince (12″ club mix)” for literally the 5th time, I started thinking, yeah, Michael Jackson was great, perhaps the Greatest, but we’d be doing ourselves a great disservice if we didn’t acknowledge that Prince is too.
I know some would argue that there were times when Prince did not possess an original thought, but in a world where every story has been told and every song sang, it becomes about presentation and Prince presents it well.
My name is Prince and I am funky
My name is Prince, the one and only
I did not come 2 funk around
Till I get your daughter, I won’t leave this town

In the beginning (funky) God made the sea
But on the 7th day He made me
He was tryin’ 2 rest y’all when He heard the sound
Sound like a guitar cold gettin’ down
I tried 2 bust a high note, but I bust a string
My God was worried until he heard me sing

My name is Prince and I am funky (U can’t stop Prince)
My name is Prince, the one and only
Hurt me! {x2}

Click HERE for the full lyrics.
I’d link to a video or something but Prince is not into that kinda thing and both of his official websites, NPG and 3121 are gone for some reason. Amazon doesn’t even have a music sample. Damn. You’re gonna have to take my word for this one.