Every now and then (hopefully not too often) someone says something to me that a simple “Kiss My Ass” will not due. Every now and then whatever someone says pisses me off so much that I consider turning in my virtual gun for a real one.
Every now and then when someone says something really fucked up to you or does something really fucked up to you you should be allowed one justifiable homicide unless the person can give you good reason why you’re not killing them.
A friend once screwed me over really bad and when I asked him why he thought he could justify it by reminding me that I let my boyfriend at the time screw me over so… Another friend standing between us and my belief in gun control is the only reason he is walking the face of the earth today.
Have you ever heard a story about somebody who went on a killing spree or just shot a muthafucka and when they talk to the family or friends of the killer they always say “Bob was always such a nice guy”? I use to always think that was a crock of shit and then I started seeing life through Bob’s eyes.
Bob really was a nice person who wouldn’t harm a fly but then he met this girl and they got married and she started running up bills so he had to get a second job and then he came home one day and found his wife in bed with his best friend and she told Bob it was all his fault , that he had driven her to it because he was never home.
At that moment Bob should have been allowed a justifiable homicide.

Top 10 reasons i’m not killing you…

10. It’s not worth it
09. It’s hard to find a good hit man at bargin basement prices
08. Prison food sucks
07. Yo momma begged me not too
06. I just got my nails did
05. And you are…?
04. I’m not done kicking your ass yet
03. The cops would know i did it because i’d have a big fucking smile on my face (I actually used that one on someome once)
02. Why kill you when i can just make you stand in that line?
And the number one reason why i’m not killing you… I’m already a bitch… why would i want to be somebody elses???