A Comedian Goes On Late-Night TV And Blows Up Our Idea Of What Race Means

from Upworthy.com | posted by Deepa Kunapuli
The best part of Hari Kondabolu’s comedy is that he takes what might seem like mundane observations and infuses them with a sense of racial consciousness. TL;DR: He helps illustrate what Life While Brown is like through his comedic timing and political commentary.
Generally hilarious Indian-American comedian and truth-teller Hari Kondabolu does a bang-up job on his first appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman.” For more musings on race, comedy, and life, check out Hari’s Twitter feed and buy his debut album, “Waiting for 2042.”
Check out his first appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman,” where he tells a story about getting into a cab in New York City and how some people might be confused about math and race.