If you’re like me, you print all your shipping labels online so you don’t have to deal with those bitches lovely people at the post office. That’s a GREAT option if you need to click and ship, but sucks if all you want to do is send small package that only needs a couple of stamps because the cheapest flat-rate package at is $4.95.
You can always pack it yourself and put some stamps on it but how many? Well if you have a scale and/or just happen to know the weight, USPS can give the price to ship it First Class but doesn’t offer that as a shipping option unless you take it to the post office – defeating the point of DIY. And for some of us, there’s the added question… HOW MUCH IS A STAMP?
Believe it or not – there’s a site for that!
The site is simple and to the point. It lists the current price of a US Post office stamp. If even offers you the option of joining them on twitter to get up to the minute changes.
I know this will sound silly to some of you, but it was real useful to me at 5am when all I needed to know was the price of a stamp so that I would know how many I would need to put on that package for TNI.