I just finished watching the DVD Torchwood: Children of Earth and I saw how the world will end. Children of Earth is latest installment (Season Three) of the Torchwood series. It’s only five episodes, but they are some of the most powerful episodes ever written for television. This series hurt my heart, and not because Captain Jack went all gay on me not that there’s anything wrong with that with Ianto of all people (I saw season 3 without having seen season 2), but because I believe that is how life will and has ended for a lot of people on this earth. Just a bunch of “guys” sitting in a room, deciding who is worth surviving and who isn’t based on public school test scores and zip codes.
The people who will make this decision, when called to task, will claim to be “doing their jobs”, like in Nazi Germany. It made me sick because I know these soulless people really exist and that me, my friends, my family, are nothing more to them than the dirt on the bottom of their shoe.
We all know what to do when the zombies come and who not to follow. But promise me that when the aliens come to take our children, with the consent of a bunch of “guys” sitting in a room, that we will fight to the death, or at least until Captain Jack Harkness comes and saves us.