Something freaky happened to me the other day. I turned on my radio, like I always do at 1am, to listen to Coast to Coast AM, but instead of hearing the show, I heard static and then Spanish music. When I looked at the radio display, I saw that was tuned to something other than 770 WABC-AM. That was odd because I never change the station and the dust on the radio will attest to that. I set it to Coast to Coast AM one time and every night (Sun-Thurs), I just press the on button and listen to the latest conspiracy. But not this night. This night I was listening to static/Spanish music.
I started turning the dial to get the radio back to 770 but it took a while because the dial was no where near 770.  I started trying to remember if I had any reason to change the station, but I didn’t, because except for Coast to Coast, I don’t listen to the radio at all. At 1:05, I finally had the right station and the WABC news update was ending. The theme song for Coast to Coast started playing and I waited for George Noory to list the guests on that nights show, but George wasn’t there. No one was there. The radio bot voice said that they would be broadcasting a show from 2008. I got a little worried because I use to listen to Art Bell and then one day he wasn’t on and I never heard from him again, unless he showed up as a guest host.
I’ll tune in tonight to see if everything and everyone are ok, but I needed my conspiracy fix so I watched this DVD called the Architects of Control by Michael Tsarion and Red Ice Creations. I totally loved the DVD, but I’m a little biased when it comes to Michael Tsarion after a friend of mine turned me on to his Origins  & Oracles series.

Architects of Control – Mass Control & The Future of Mankind covers everything from Mind Control and its History to Media Manipulation and Sleeper Assassins. Though I’ve seen most of the movies mentioned in the documentary (The Manchurian Candidate, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix), I am way behind on the recommended reading, so decided to make a list here and you can see where you stand.
Books Mentioned:
Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness by Jim Keith
Another good DVD to check out is Outrage. It’s a documentary about about Oscar-nominated documentary filmaker Kirby Dick and his attempts to expose the hypocrisy of gay politicians who passionately criticize the gay community in public while concealing their own sexual orientation.  Another good title for this documentary could have been Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, but that was already taken. The film features commentary and interviews by Jim McGreevey, Barney Frank, Michelangelo Signorile, Mike Rogers, Elizabeth Birch, Larry Kramer and many others. Some of the people outed in this documentary might surprise you, while many other wont.
And while I don’t care what team anyone plays for, listening to Larry Craig repeatedly lie made my stomach turn and watching the video of Jim McGreevey’s wife and he comes out in a press conference, just broke my heart and made me immediately think about how Elliott Spitzer’s wife must have felt minus the my husband’s gay??? part.