I can’t tell you how this conversation started or what it was even about, it just started like many I have heard before…
“You know what your problem is…?”
To which the only response is… “No but I’m sure you’re gonna tell me…”
“You’re problem is you think it’s all about you…”
I don’t know why but that bothered me. While I don’t recall the incident, I do remember that whatever it was had something to do with me, which was why I was standing in front of somebody listening to them tell me “what my problem is”.
All night I thought about it, my problem, my thinking that “it’s all about me”. But the more I thought about it, the more I REALLY thought about it. What was this person trying to tell me? That I thought the world revolved around me? That it didn’t but revolved around someone else? If so, then who?
Then I remembered that I had had this conversation before, the one about me and “my problem”. I remembered that the person saying it to me (in their world and rightly so) thought it was all about them and that because I had decided that to take some “me” time I ended up in a conversation where I was being told “what my problem is…”
You wanna know what my problem is? That for far too long in my life it’s been about everyone else BUT me – family, friends, men, near-do-wells, anybody but me. My problem is that with all my knowledge and wisdom I wasted a moment of what precious little time we have on the face of this earth listening to someone telling me what my problem is.
It kills me to have to admit it (me being an Arien and all) but I’m not perfect. I don’t know it all but there are a few things i do know.
One plus one everywhere I’ve ever been is two. And if something involves me, it’s usually about me. The world I live in is MY World and in MY world its ALL about me, just like in YOUR world its ALL about you.
Yeah, sometimes I might give two shits about what’s going on in your world, but the majority of the time, unless your “doin’ me”, taking care of me, paying my bills or just hanging with me, sitting back, sipping on Corona’s, pontificating about the world as a whole…
When i wake up it’s in MY world…
and in MY World…
its ALL about ME.