Remember me? Big Black Girl from Brooklyn?
Yeah I know… I’m the one that’s suppose to be posting, but you know how it be sometimes. Busy as heck. Holidays roll up one right after the other. Socializing needs to be done. Not feeling well half of the time. And the next thing you know – you’re blog has moved on without you.
It’s been so long, I don’t know where to start.

  1. Generalissimo Francisco Franco Michael Jackson is still dead.
  2. Tiger Woods woke up black and Charlie Sheen woke up white.
  3. Obama is still president and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. 🙁
  4. That demon spawn known as Tyra was fired from quit her talk show.
  5. Idris Elba woke up fine as hell.
  6. Joan Rivers is the new face of terrorism as well as everyone from Yemen.
  7. 2012 turned out to be more like the Day Before Tomorrow, instead of the next “The Day After Tomorrow”.
  8. David Tennent’s Dr. Who regenerated and not as David Tennent’s Dr. Who this time. 🙁
  9. Brittney Murphy woke up dead, proving once and for all that crack is INDEED whack!!!
  10. And while still high off my demon spawn Tyra news, NBC cancels Jay Leno’s prime time show and there are even talks that they  might put him back at 11:30pm, thus causing me to cease my boycott of Conan O’Brien. Mayan calendar my ass!

That’s all I got right now. I’m watching a REALLY bad movie called Megafault with Brittney Murphy and Eriq La Salle, but I’ll try to find some more time to post. I promise.

Generalissimo Francisco Franco