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Your online privacy depends on encryption. Learn more about how encryption works, why it’s essential to a strong Web, and why it’s worth protecting. Learn More.

We Are Building a Global Movement to Protect the Free and Open Web

We believe the Internet is at its best as a global public resource, open and accessible to all. We also believe a healthy Internet requires an active, global community. Mozilla Advocacy brings together individuals from around the world to educate on and fight for privacy, inclusion and literacy online.
Tools for Activism: From climate change to human rights, 21st century campaigns will be won and lost online. Check out this list of tools from Mozilla and our friends that help us organize, coordinate, communicate, mobilize and take collective action.
Open Web Fellows: The Open Web Fellows program places the best emerging technology talent at civil society organizations around the globe. As threats to digital freedom proliferate, it’s critical to have capable leaders.
USA FREEDOM Act: Mass Surveillance is a threat to privacy and trust online. Our community fought for the successful passage of the USA FREEDOM Act, a first step toward reforming mass surveillance.
Net Policy Blog: Mozilla’s team of policy experts and engineers are fighting for a free and open Internet. Read the latest developments and news on Our Net Policy blog.