REC• (aka How Many Times Do You Have to Kill a Bitch! Seriously!) is a GREAT Spanish horror movie.
I saw it in Spanish without the subtitles (and no i don’t speak spanish) and it scared the shit out of me. It seems to be about a news reporter doing a human interest piece on a local fire department. They get called to an apartment building where there seems to be some trouble. There are a lot of scared looking neighbors, a trail of blood, a dead body and scary looking woman who doesn’t mind showing her underpants. When the firemen approach the woman all hell breaks loose.
This movie is one of those hand held camera movies like Blair Witch except that i enjoyed it. I loved not actually knowing what was going on and seeing everything from the cameraman’s point of view. I think i never realized it was even a zombie movie until the credits rolled. I don’t think you have to be a zombie fan to enjoy this one, i think you just have to like being scared.