as explained by Bucky Balls
Well, Cosby was the first major cross over artist into the happy white world. There was Sammy Davis, and Harry Belafonte, Paul Robeson and Jack Johnson, there was Sachmo and Nat King Cole and others, but they were not allowed into the happy white world. Their dressing rooms were still a nail on the wall of the colored people’s toilet and by toilet I mean the outhouse.
Apparently someone who was Cosby’s “massa” lost the power to prop him up and now the novelty of a kept nigga has faded. You know how white people can suddenly “unfriend” their “pet” nigga! It’s time to show Cosby that he’s still just another nigga. He’s done his job of denigrating poor uneducated blacks in a public forum. What the fuck does the Hollywood Plantation need with his old ass now? He might have to go play a game of dominoes with O.J!
As old as he is and as “worldly” as you might expect a multimillionaire celebrity to be, he still needed the lesson of exclusion (in case he forgot-and I think he did.) White folks giggle with two fisted glee at the shit floating up around Cosby’s chin. It’s the way of white flesh. Keep ’em at arms length and they can’t put that choke hold on a nigga.
Black people are under attack as white people approach their coming minority status. They want that minority rule well established (under threat of death). The black male has the power to turn the world black with his genetic code making everyone on the planet disappear into a chocolate coated bag of M&Ms with epicanthic folds over their eyes (slanted eyes). That is some scary shit to think that in spite of your paper laws and metal prisons and weapons, you can’t stop a nigga with a big dick from taking over the whole world, just by fuckin’ everything in his path.
That’s natural selection according to their science. If a white man could fuck anybody and produce more white people they’d have conquered the world ages ago and raped everything in sight. So killing virile young black men is the next best thing. This problem is systemic. We are under attack.
Charles Barkely is an uninformed uncle tom with obvious self hatred. Dat niggaz pathetic.
So if white folks are killing each other-by his and Guliani’s logic it should be okay for us to kill some too. Isn’t that why the military was segregated for so long. Because the white folks weren’t cool with niggaz helping them kill each other? If black gang bangers are killin’ each other, that’s black folks business, we don’t need no help from white cops who figure to help out! They’re already selling us the guns in the first place. Last time I looked niggaz don’t manufacture fire arms.