I didn’t sleep tonight. I don’t know if it was the result of the David Icke & Camelot video I watched or the Coca-cola I drank, but awake I am and either delusional as hell or as clear as I’m ever going to be. I sit here listening to the Truth that is my iPod and in a Bose CC15 induced silence I hear a sound like no other. Some call the sound Soul or R&B. It’s an amazing sound that can be copied but not originated duplicated. The sound is hard to describe. I can just tell you that it seems to vibrate one’s being. Though the sound has been somewhat degraded over the years and now occasionally appears masked behind a rappers breath, with the Bose you can readily distinguish the real from the fake copy.
There seems to be a particular group of people that can create this sound. But when I study their place in the universe as told by the US mass media, it makes no sense. And you know what Judge Judy says, if it doesn’t make sense, it must not be true. From what I “see”, this unique group of people contribute almost nothing to society. All of their significant achievements have been in the world of sports. They’re uncontrollable, promiscuous, lazy, ignorant blights on American society. If it weren’t for a constant stream of handout, they would have died off or killed each other long ago. All you need to do is watch any news program for 5 minutes and you’ll see them threatening to shove balls down people’s throat’s, dog fighting, running from police in white broncos or stealing the spotlight from virginal girls.
And that’s what doesn’t make any sense. Why would a planet, that may or may not have a god, bestow upon such a worthless group of people, the ability to make a sound that could resonate throughout your very soul? Do they serve a greater purpose in a bigger plan? Could someone or something be trying to destroy them for whatever reason they felt need to eliminate the natives of North America? Could it also be related to why the monks are disappearing?
I don’t know the answer but I believe the key is somewhere in that sound.
I’ll keep listening and will let you know.