I wish I had read the warnings about this movie before I rented it. I don’t know why I put this movie in my cue but it arrived to my house broken in two. I returned it and ordered another one and it arrived broken in two. When asked again if I wanted a replacement I hesitated but pressed yes. The replacement disc arrived. I didn’t really look at it before putting it in the DVD player (another bad sign). My DVD player made sounds that I’ve never heard before and spit the disc out because it had a huge crack in it. I ordered another copy because now I was determined to see the DVD that the universe was conspiring to keep from me.
I am happy to say that the 4th try was the charm. It arrived in pristine condition. Unfortunately for me Black Sheep Boy was on the DVD. About a 1/4 way through I realized that someone had deliberately been destroying the Netflix copies trying to save the rest of us from EVER renting this heathenistic piece of crap. And those are pretty strong words coming from a person who would rent Evil Zombie Dead 12 if I were a real movie.
I watch a lot of movies. I rate a lot of movies. I even rent a lot of the recommendations left for me. But I rarely stop a movie less than half way through, consider breaking it before I send it back, think better of it, immediately put it back in the envelope and seal it and hope that no one else ever has the misfortune of seeing it.
I saw Salo. It made me want to bathe after watching it but I didn’t think the movie should be destroyed. I wish I could say the same about Black Sheep Boy. And I’m sorry because I’m sure the people who made and participated in the film worked very hard and are very nice people. But really… This is what you chose to contribute to the universe?
While trying to find a graphic or a trailer or something to put with the post – I went to my favorite site for DVD covers – DVD Empire and there they have the DVD listed as “Discontinued by Studio”.
Now if we can just Netflix to stop carrying it…