Download Photos & Videos from Instagram!
This site is easy to use and free for now. All you need to do is paste in the URL from the Instagram photo link from your account or that someone may have sent you and press download. The image will appear on the left, then all you need to do is press Download Image! and it will save it on your PC or Mac.

Downlister comes on the scene when the right click is not enough. Sometimes you may be trying to download an image or a video but when the right click does not provide option “Save picture/video as…”, the download would seem almost impossible.
A large number of people including our friends and family were struggling with downloading their photos and videos from Instagram. Until now! We deciced to help them and that’s the story behind the birth of Downlister that brings you slick solution. Just paste the URL and click the button. Really simple, really fast and totally free.
We are looking forward to bring you more services beside Instagram and we hope you enjoy Downlister as much as we do.

There is also a note on the site that More Services Coming Soon… Hopefully they will be as useful.