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UKIP candidate Nigel Farage pulled alive from plane wreckage after election day crash
First of all, Nigel is alive. I’d like to say he’s OK, but he’s still in the hospital.
What had happened was… Nigel Farage and pilot Justin Adams were doing a stunt in Northhamptonshire, England, where they fly over a field, with a 15ft UKIP banner attached to the back. They had done the stunt several times before the election, but on this day, a big gust of wind blew the banner into the tail fin and the plane took a nose-dive into the ground. Nigel was pulled out of the plane first but Justin was trapped in the plane for an hour before firemen finally freed him.
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The crash is said to be  just an unfortunate accident, but this wouldn’t be the first time that an Infowarrior met with misfortune before a big event. I’m just sayin’.
Nige’s compatriot, Godfrey Bloom, thinks Mr. Farage will be just fine after a rest and a pint. So now we just have to pray for Justin.
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