I don’t listen to the radio, not for music anyway. So the time that radio stations get to brainwash me into buying air for me from their latest product artist is limiting. That said, the only time I get to hear new music is during TV shows, movies or commercials. I am happy to find that there are websites out there responding to the growing number of people using television and movie songs to fill that empty space in their iPods.
Note to artists: If you licensed your song to be played on a TV show, commercial or movie, and you didn’t sign an exclusive deal, please make your song available to purchase on your website, Facebook, iTunes, Amazon.com or something. You have unknown fans out there looking to support you.
Good Example(s):

  1. Heard a song playing during a WPIX commercial. Searched for commercial online. Found it on YouTube. Song turned out to be Saving Grace by Junebug. Typed the artists name in StartPages. Found her website. Bought not only the song, but the entire album. (thanx again !!!)
  2. Heard a song at the end of Banshee. Searched for it on TuneFind. Found out the song was The Mark by Cold Specks. Pressed the link and purchased it from Amazon.

Bad Example:
Raphael Saddiq Toyota Prius commercial. I want the song but its exclusively licensed to Toyota and not for sale.
Good Resources:
Tune Find (good for TV show songs)
Tunes on TV (good for songs from commercials)
Song Detective (good for songs from movies but also has TV show)