I’ve been kinda busy and haven’t been updating my blog, but I have been doing a lot and watching a lot of videos. One good one I saw was Nurse Fighter Boy. I gave it a looksy because it was starring Clark Johnson and I’ve been crushing on him since back in the “Night Heat” days. It’s a small film, but has great production value and the acting and story are a lot better than those bad BET movies or just about anything from Urban Entertainment.
JUDE is a single mother who descends from a long line of Jamaican caregivers. SILENCE is a ‘past his prime’ boxer who fights illegally to survive. CIEL is a boy who delves into music, conjuring dreams for his mother. During the last week of summer, a late-night brawl finds the fighter in the nurse’s care causing their three fates to be forever entwined.

The story was written and directed by Canadian, Charles Officer. The Nurse (Jude) is played by Karen LeBlanc, who had a recurring role on one of my favorite shows, ReGenesis. Clark Johnson is the Fighter (Silence). And the role of the Boy (Ciel) is played by Daniel J. Gordon, who previously worked with Charles Officer on a Canadian TV show called Kink in My Hair, ‘da.
I checked the rating for this film on IMDB. They rated it a 5.9 and I’m wondering, compared to what? I thought it was more like an 8, maybe 8.5. It was nice to see a black film, with black people, acting like REAL black people, not thugs or ho’s.  And the love scenes were tasteful, not pornographic.
The movie did rate much higher with women (8.6) than men (5.6). But every movie can’t be about, ooh look, I can see Halle’s boobs or dat blowed up real good! I say if you can get through a Tyler Perry film without wanting to put a contract out on him like TNI, then check it out.
I watched Nurse.Fighter.Boy again last night (it was either that or Impact) and I liked it even more than the first time I saw it. Karen LeBlanc is really beautiful and the chemistry between her character and Clark Johnson’s washed up boxer is just some of the sexiest stuff I’ve seen on the screen, without the movie turning into soft core porn. Two of my favorite scenes are when she’s driving her bike outside of his window and later when they’re dancing in his grungy apartment. It’s obvious that these two people like each other but you can see the nurses caution about getting involved with this stranger/boxer. For a guy it’s all “I like you so you should be with me”. For a woman, especially one in the nurses situation, it’s “What about my son; what about that last nicca that f@#$’d me over, etc.
See the movie.
It’s not currently available on Netflix but they do have it on Amazon.com.