I just saw this pretty disturbing movie called “On the Doll“. Acting wise it doesn’t have big name recognition (with the exception of Theresa Russell) but it has a lot of face recognition, meaning you’ll be like “I know that guy…”.
The story’s about a group of teenagers on the wrong side of the fence for different reasons. The drama center’s around a kid named Jizz, who works at a sleezy place making call girl ads. What puts him on the wrong side of the fence is being molested as a child which ties into the title “On the Doll”.
Jizz is working to get money to save a girl (who might be his sister) from a life of performing in a plastic booth in a sex shop owned by Jimmy (Paul Ben-Victor). Jizz teams up with a call girl who is looking to run an ad to hire someone to rob a john of hers that’s into CBT.
Then there’s the prostitute who doesn’t like to be touched but is prostituting herself because her boyfriend keeps promising her a singing career.
There is another story arc about 2 high school girls who sit talking while their teacher jerks off in a car. One is looking to get a passing grade in the teachers class. The teacher gets the girls to do an audition for Jimmy who owns the video/call girl place that Jizz is trying to save the girl from.
If you’re like me and you watch movies to escape – I don’t think I can recommend this one. Don’t get me wrong. It is a good movie. It just doesn’t leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. In fact I think I wanted to bathe afterward. I understand that “we” need to address issues like these but I’m not sure this was the way to do it. I just had the sick feeling that somewhere a pedophile was watching this and thinking it was a porno.
If you’re a Paul Ben-Victor fan like I am, check him out in The Wire or the greatest show on TV right now, In Plain Sight.