Right now, it’s Saturday night  well technically it’s Sunday night but since the day begins and ends with my smile… and I’m doing a little light cleaning. And what better way to clean, than listening to my iPod, on random play, docking in my new Crosley iJuke. My iPod did that thing again. You know that thing where it plays 10 perfect songs in a row? It started off with two songs I’d never heard before. The first was Flor De Mal by Tito Larriva from the Once Upon a Time in Mexico Soundtrack and the other was Cortez the Killer by Neil Young from the album Zuma.

When I first heard Flor De Mal I didn’t realize that it was Tito Larriva. His voice sounded different, sorta deeper, darker and more painful. Imagine Benecio del Toro singing. I’ve liked Tito from back in the day when I saw him on the Tonight Show with then band, the Cruzados. I wore out my vinyl years ago and then lucked up on the CD in a music store somewhere on Belmont in Chicago. I rediscovered Tito while sitting in the greatest movie of all time, From Dusk Til Dawn. He was the lead singer in the house band at the Titty Twister. That’s a great soundtrack too, if you can get a hold of it. I was pleasantly surprised to look at my iPod display and see that it was Tito singing Flor De Mal.
I can’t remember ever hearing the next song, that Neil Young song, Cortez the Killer but it might be like when you think that you’ve never seen “that” Star Trek before, but know it’s almost impossible because there were only 80 episodes and they’ve been playing them for almost 40 years. The song starts with a long guitar solo and then rolls into the most unmistakable voice that is Neil Young. When I hear Neil Young play the guitar I can’t help but think – that’s what Keith Richard wishes he sounded like. Don’t get me wrong. I love Keith, but sometimes his mess is just messy, where Neil’s mess seems more deliberate.
Both songs were hauntingly beautiful like a Billie Holiday song and sounded as if they were meant to be played together, but it wasn’t until the next some came on though that I realized my iPod was going to play the perfect 10 again.
So anyhoo
These are the last 10 songs I just listened to:

  1. Flor De Mal – Tito Larriva (Once Upon a Time in Mexico)
  2. Cortez the Killer – Neil Young & Crazy Horse (Zuma)
  3. Find Your Way Back to Me – Kem (Album II)
  4. Feel the Need in Me – Utopia (Ultimate Queer as Folk: Almighty 12″ Club Mixes)
  5. It’s a Miracle – Boy George and Culture Club (At Worst the Best of Boy George and Culture Club)
  6. Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith (Armageddon: The Album)
  7. State of the Nation – New Order (Brotherhood)
  8. Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent (Private Parts Soundtrack)
  9. Song of the Heart – Prince (Happy Feet Soundtrack)
  10. Lost Little Girl – Ja Rule (Pain is Love)

898 of 8020.