I think by now you all know how this perfect 10 thing works. For those who don’t – my iPod is psychic and plays 10 songs in a row that it knows I will love. My brother-in-law begs to differ but Boricua Boy can kiss my shiny metal ass if he doesn’t like it! So anyhoo…
I was listening to Bob Marley‘s version “I shot the sheriff”. I say Bob Marley’s version because a lot of us heathens thought this song was originally an Eric Clapton song because the first time we heard it played on the radio, it was the Eric Clapton version. At the time, me and my black friends wouldn’t have known Reggae from Zydeco. So, no, I didn’t use the word heathen lightly.
But time went on and some of us got some learnin’ and discovered this amazing man and his amazing music and now I sit here wondering what kind of world we lived live in that would give us a poor imitation when the master was roaming the earth.
Oh well. I guess it’s why people get to say Justin Timberlake and R&B in the same breath.

These are the last 10 songs I just listened to:

  1. Ready to Go – Republica (Republica)
  2. Kiss – Prince (Parade: Music from the Motion Picture “Under the Cherry Moon)
  3. Come Together – Craig David (Come Together: A Night for John Lennon’s Words and Music)*
  4. ‘Till I Can’t Take Love No More – Eddie Grant (Hit Collection)
  5. Waiting for You – Seal (Seal IV)
  6. I Shot the Sheriff – Bob Marley (Legend)
  7. Lesson No. 1 – Viva Voce (The Heat Can Melt Your Brain)
  8. Panama – Van Halen (1984)
  9. Pink Houses – John Cougar (Uh-Huh)
  10. Brothers Gonna Work it Out – Willie Hutch (The Mack)

416 of 8020. My damn iPod got stuck (I’m sure it was my fault) and I had to reset it. UGH!

*I digitized this into mp3s from the DVD using Imtoo’s DVD Audio Ripper because there is no soundtrack of this great event that I know of.