I remember back in the “Chicago Days” having to listen to haters say… of course the Yankee’s won. We could win too if we bought a team. Well I’m here to say that Cubs fan should try it once (or 27 times). It feels good. And it feels a lot better than holding out hope for 100 101 102 103 years.

This is how you do it...

and this is how it feels.

and this is what the loser team looks like when they realize they're about to head back to their loser locker room to shed their HIGH DEFINITION tears. But unlike you, at least they were IN the World Series!

Cubs fans should meet Ozzie Guillen at the airport when he lands so that they can get a whiff of what it smells like to be in the presence of a winner. Joe Girardi knows what it smells like. That's why he's smiling.

Thank you Steinbrenner family (for writing the checks) and thank you Yankees (for remembering why we pay you). And thank you Boricua Boy, for helping me understand the game a little more, even though I know you hate the Yankees and think ARod is Jeter’s butt boy.

And this is why it's dangerous to have Powerpoint, Photoshop and a brother-in-law that hates the Yankees but lets you go on about them anyway.

Weekend Update (with Seth Meyers)
This week in a positive sign that the economy may be recovering, New Yorkers started buying big ticket items again, like election (referring to Bloomberg) and championships.