Remember that sound I told you about… that sound that sound that black people can make? I heard that sound again. I’ve been hearing it for a while now, but had no idea what it was. I was out running errands around the holidays and a bit of it came on in the car radio, not enough to identify song, lyrics or artist, but just enough to haunt me. An hour later I heard a bit of it in the supermarket, but again, not enough of it to identify what I was hearing, so I moved on. But I went to one more store, looking for Fox’s U-bet vanilla syrup so that I could make soy milk egg creams and I heard it again, not enough to help me, just enough to drive me insane.
I got home and had the melody stuck in my head and then I realized that in less than a 4 hour period, I had heard the sound at least 3 times. Could it be that I was listening to the same radio station one reason I stopped listening to radio in the car, that they were playing in the Associated and the Food Bazaar? I put on my CSI cap and asked my aunt what station she had on in the car. She said WBLS. I went to their website and clicked on the link to the 10 most played songs on their radio station.
Anthony Hamilton – “Point Of It All”
No. This song was soulful but had more of a Prince sound but not.

Mary Mary – “God In Me”
Wow. They have out a new song. I like them.

Whitney Houston – “Million Dollar Bill”
Definitely not a chick, so that lets Whitney out.

Chrisette Michele f/ Ne-Yo

Michael Jackson – “This Is It”
Not Michael. I’d know if it was Michael.

Charlie Wilson – “Can’t Live Without You”
No. I know his voice. It’s not him.

Bebe and Cece Winans – “Close To You”
Too haunting to be a church song.

Usher – “Papers”
Fuck NO!
This person could ACTUALLY sing.

Alicia Keys – “Doesn’t Mean Anything”
If you ain’t got nothing nice to say…

Maxwell – “Bad Habits”
Maxwell? Really? Could be, but I haven’t heard from Maxwell since back when Nekkid Boy was popular.

It only took one trip to the iTunes store to find out that sound that’s been haunting me all this time was Maxwell’s – Bad Habits. WOW. Um thanx WBLS for playing the same damn 10 songs over and over, because if you hadn’t, I never would have found that song listening to “Coast to Coast”.
BTW. Got the whole album. It’s GREAT! Welcome back Maxwell. Nice performance on Jay Leno too.
Below is suppose to be the official video. It looks like it has Kerry Washington in it. She’s hot, but the video in my head with Keith Hamilton Cobb was WAY hotter.

Speaking of nekkid boys… Have you heard of Nek? I heard a bunch of his songs on a video show that comes on channel 11-3 mortal television in New York City. The songs were all in Spanish I think, and very poppy, but not in a bad way. He has a great voice and even did a duet with my hunny bunny, Craig David. Since I liked pretty much every song they played by him, I got his 2004 greatest hits album, “L’anno Zero, the Best of…” My favorite on the album is “Sei Solo Tu”. The video below is the live version, but it’s as good, if not better than the studio version, so enjoy.

Oh and for those of you who want to know WTF a vanilla egg cream is…
First you need to know, you can’t get one in Chicago! or probably anywhere past the east coast.
Second, after all my years of drinking vanilla egg creams, I am alas, lactose intolerant and/or just straight up allergic to milk, but if you want to make a traditional egg cream, here’s a link to the recipe:
And now for what I’ve been drinking…
Rhonda’s BBGFB Vanilla Soy Milk Egg Cream

Use 1 large 8oz red plastic cup from Costco. (You can use a glass if you like, but I’ve got a shit load of those cups, so I pretty much use them for everything)

Squeeze about 1 inch of U-bet Vanilla syrup into the cup.

Add 1/8 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring if you’re a vanilla whore like I am.

Fill the cup about half way with Trader Joe’s plain soy milk. (I also tried it with Rice Dream. It’s a little watery, but the flavors the same).

Fill the rest of the cup with good ginger ale, the kind they serve in a bar, like Canada Dry or Schweppes.

Stir, but be warned, if you go with the soy milk over the rice milk, the concoction might bubble over the cup, so be prepared to suck some off the top.

I like mine chilled, so I put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes or put a couple of ice cubes in it. The Trader Joe’s soy milk holds up a little better under the ice.


Oh and don’t drink one while you’re on the phone. Apparently, the slurping sound annoys people. Go figure!