Lets me start by saying, I love Google Maps. It’s kinda like those people who think Monsanto and Codex Alimentarius are evil but still drink that Starbucks Mocha Latte crap. One of my favorite features is street view. I often stalk my friends that way. 🙂 Last week I was trying to find a place near the Amalgamated Bank on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, so I went to Google Maps and typed in the search box, Amalgamated Bank, Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York. The results were a list of all of the Amalgamated Banks in New York City. The 4th selection down said Fulton Street, so not reading, I pressed it and was surprised to see a picture of Chase bank. Chase bank is in the area I was looking for, but blocks away from the Amalgamated.

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I thought maybe I typed the wrong info in the search box, so typed it in again and again I got a list of all of the Amalgamated Banks in NYC, except the one I asked for on Fulton Street. But this time, the bogus link to Chase Bank was replaced with a link to the State of New York Consumer Inquiries and I’m like, WTF???!!!

Now I’m kinda getting annoyed, because I’m not actually looking for Amalgamated Bank, just some place near it. So I re-type what I’m searching for, Amalgamated Bank, Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York. Google Maps returns Amalgamated bank, near Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 and a listed all of the Amalgamated Banks in NYC excluding the one I’m looking for, but now I’m in map view and notice that there are (2) markers over the area I’m looking for, one marked and the other not.

The one marked D is a link to Chase Bank.

The pink marker behind it is 1212 Fulton Street, the address of Amalgamated Bank.

When I went back to the Google maps search box and only put in 1212 Fulton Street, I didn’t get any search propaganda or misleading links, I got exactly what I was looking for. I’d have done better to just go to Amalgamated’s website and look up the address to the branch on Fulton Street.


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