Don’t miss the party of the year. This years Bilderberg meeting will be held at the Dolce hotel in beautiful Sitges, Catalonia, Spain. Sitges is a dynamic cultural oasis, basing its economy on tourism and culture offering more than 4,500 hotel beds, half of them in four-star hotels. So it’s no wonder that the elite chose this popular gay tourist destination to host their secret meeting!
List of your betrayers Rub elbows with the likes of:
Lord Mandelson
Robert Zoellick
Paul Volcker
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Spanish Prime Minister
Henry Kissinger
David Rockefeller
Richard Perle
Paul Wolfowitz
Mario Monti
George Osborne
Queen Sofia of Spain
Queen Beatrix of Holland
(Full list of your betrayers participants here)

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