Yeah. Like that’s a surprise.
At the NAACP’s annual convention in Kansas City, MO, this guy
took a big swig of the kool-aide and decided to support the New World Order by condemning the Tea Party. Who needs provocateurs when you have the NAACP???!!!
Oh and who is that guy? That’s Ben Jealous (I’m not kidding). He’s the new head of the NAACP. Stop rubbing your eyes. No he’s not Puerto Rican. Under the new Obama Math, he’s black and is the youngest ever national leader of the organization.
How’d he get that job? Actually I don’t know. You see, black people can vote for the President of the United States, but have no say or vote on the person chosen to lead them off a cliff. And that’s how we ended up with a man who didn’t read the transcript, know the facts or actually see the Rand Paul interview with Rachel Maddow, deciding that it was in the best interest of all coloured people, to distract us from fighting to uphold our inalienable rights, in favor of challenging Kentucky GOP Senate candidate and Tea Party supporter, Rand Paul, to a debate on civil rights.
Yeah, challenge Rand Paul on civil rights instead of asking Obama why he’s eroding them and selling us out to international bankers. I’m sorry. That’s racist, right?
Oh, and why is this billboard offensive exactly?

It’s actually interesting in a spooky kind of way. Makes me realize why history is important. What is that quote? Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Oh but I forgot. The new blacks are a lot more sensitive than the terrorists old ones. So it’s racist!
Hey NAACP! You want to help black people? Fight to uphold the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and especially the 1 and 2nd Amendments. That will not only help black people, but will help all of God’s Children, patriots and heathens alike, who call these United States home and stop wasting your time with controlled media talking points.
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